3 Reasons to Love Your Learning Management System

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3 Reasons to Love Your Learning Management System

It's that time of year - love is in the air! Store shelves are full of hues of pink packaging and the floral industry sees a generous uptick in sales. Everyone has found their match. Maybe you're still hoping to find yours...

Have you considered re-igniting the spark with your learning management system?

Before you dismiss it, hear us out! Few people consider their learning management system an ideal companion for Valentine's Day, we know. But, in the spirit of the season, maybe it's time to get to the heart of how you're feeling about your learning management system.

In modern day, people who are vying for love typically meet online and form relationships. These relationships allow us to grow and learn by way of our new companion and the life lessons that follow. The relationship that employees have with learning is no different. Learners seek opportunities with the intent to expand their skillset and personal growth, learning valuable lessons and skills along the way.

In the spirit of the holiday that you either love to hate or hate to love, we're proposing three reasons for you to fall in love with your learning management system.

Fall in love (with your career)

Your learning management system is an opportunity to create a personalized learning experience. An experience that allows employees to grow or learn new skills so your organization can retain top talent and remain competitive.

A recent think tank report on the modern learner experience noted that organizations are changing their focus on learning to use technology that offers a personalized experience.

The report shares compelling insight into the power of personalized learning. "Personalization becomes more about helping people, giving them the skills and tools to learn, but what they learn is personalized and driven by the individual and by their context and their environment."

Unlike Valentine's Day, which we celebrate one day a year, learning is something that happens (or should happen) every day. Employees that can learn and love their career is a recipe for success.

Find your perfect match

The equation is simple. Great talent + great learning = great companies! A winning formula that everyone can get behind.

So, how can you ensure that employees find their perfect match? As mentioned earlier, your learning management system will allow you to deliver a personalized learning experience – the benefits of which are endless. At the forefront, this allows employees to take charge of their learning needs and bring the best version of themselves to work every day. Sounds like a match that even Cupid can't handle, if you ask me!

Engaged employees contribute and deliver results. From designing personal growth paths to creating an environment that nurtures the unique talents of every individual – these are just a few benefits that will empower employees to work to their strengths.

Put learning at the heart of your employee experience

Investing in your employees is an investment in your organizational strategy. In our latest eBook , we had experts share some of the ways they put learning first. Self-directed learning, "soft-skill" development, creating a culture of experimentation and giving employees time to pursue learning are key parts of the employee experience, they said.

Creating a personalized learning experience for employees is like crafting your dating profile. The goal is to match up with someone (or, in this instance - content, courses and resources) that align with your interests and will aid in your personal growth. Personalized learning is kind of like finding your soulmate!

To sum it up in a heart-shaped box

Employees are the power behind an organization. Providing a connection point for continuous learning will only nurture a stronger relationship between you and your employees by retaining talent, fostering growth and expanding skillsets. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

And hey, if you can't rekindle the spark this year, don't fret. Get in touch with our team to discover how you can fall in love with learning before next Valentine's Day!

Discover self-driven learning experiences to develop and grow your people.

Deliver a personalized, continuous learning experience with Saba.

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Cover of the book
Cover of the book

Discover self-driven learning experiences to develop and grow your people.

Deliver a personalized, continuous learning experience with Saba.

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