Faster, Smarter, Better: Two Can't-Miss at CLO Symposium

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Faster, Smarter, Better: Two Can't-Miss at CLO Symposium

If you're attending CLO Symposium in Las Vegas April 1-3, 2019, there certainly will be choices to make in a schedule packed with stimulating keynotes, diverse panels and content-rich sessions. But we wanted to draw your attention to two fantastic speakers (and Saba customers!) who will present at the CLO Symposium next month.

Getting in the game

On April 1 at 3 p.m. we invite you to attend the session, Achievement Unlocked: Analyzing the Rewards of Gamification Capabilities. We'll learn from Moumita Dutta, Senior Technologist, Learning/Hiring Applications, Yum! Brands about how gamification makes learning more engaging for the learner.

Think about the last game you played with a friend or family member. Whether a board game or a video game or something in between, there were gaming elements present such as goals, a challenge, a chance and a reward. While most people don't notice these elements because they are having fun, they are still present in the structure of the game.

Moumita will show us how gamification can help our learners become excited and engaged, as well as retain knowledge. But gamification can also help discover valuable insights about your learners. Yum! Brands is in a one-of-a-kind position to tell us about the latest trends and capabilities in gamification and rewards. They use badging and analytics to address unique reporting requirements across 45,000-plus stores spread over 135 countries.

Back to our game example, a Yum! Brands learner would begin a learning course in their Saba learning management system (LMS) with:

A Goal. Complete this course within 30 days.

A Challenge: Be the top of the leaderboard.

A Chance: Failure to achieve a badge or receive points if I don't answer questions correctly.

A Reward: When I correctly complete my challenge(s), I am rewarded with points, leaderboards, completion achievements and other forms of recognition and feedback.

If you're interested in improving engagement and on-time completion of learning courses, make sure to attend Moumita's session. Yum! Brands has complex reporting needs - find out how they use smart lists, badging and analytics to achieve stellar learning results. We can't give you a badge for attending, but we would if we could!

Personal learning

The second session we're very excited to attend is How USA TODAY NETWORK Creates Personalized Learning Journeys led by Craig Lutz, Director, Learning & Technology, USA TODAY NETWORK on April 2, 2019 at 11 a.m.

You are most likely familiar with the USA TODAY media brand and its print and digital platforms. Less familiar but no less important is the USA TODAY NETWORK's sales organization tasked with helping local business owners reach customers in more than 100-plus markets.

And as Craig would tell you, there's the problem. When your workforce is spread across numerous locations, domestic and abroad, effectively delivering impactful learning experiences is a tough challenge. That's why it was critical for USA TODAY NETWORK to implement a world-class learning solution that would help it achieve four key business goals:

  1. Provide an asynchronous learning experience to new hires and existing employees
  2. Offer custom learning journeys based on the needs of different sales channels
  3. Improve direct reporting capabilities for both administrators and leadership
  4. Migrate content from multiple systems into one easy-to-use system

Learning needs are changing and smart organizations stay one step ahead. As Craig told us in a recent webinar, "We needed to find a solution that would be a one-stop shop for formal learning programs and offerings as well as an informal, highly searchable site for our people to find what they needed when they needed it." In addition, the USA TODAY NETWORK had some rather complex needs around its onboarding program since employees were based all over the country and each of these folks played a slightly different role requiring customization of their onboarding learning journey.

Not every company knows how to pull off personalized learning journeys. At USA TODAY NETWORK, they implemented learning coaches who meet with new employees on Day 2 of employment. Don't miss Craig April 2 at CLO Symposium to learn the ways talent development technology can tweak your people's learning journeys in ways that matter to them.

It's almost time to pack your bags for sunny Las Vegas. It will be a learn-fest filled with all of the latest and greatest learning, training and development strategies. We hope to see you there! Tag us @SabaSoftware on Twitter and Instagram and let us know if you'll be at the #CLOSym!

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Another Saba customer, Northwestern University, spoke at a previous CLO Symposium. Watch the session here!

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