How to use Halogen Performance to foster a feedback culture in your organization

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How to use Halogen Performance to foster a feedback culture in your organization

The evidence is clear: performance feedback and employee recognition are key to driving employee engagement and decreasing turnover.

Organizations with effective feedback and recognition programs have significantly greater business and individual results1.

Undoubtedly, these programs make a difference to the bottom line; however feedback and recognition still need to be a given greater focus. Research shows:

  • 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving2.
  • 65% of North Americans report that they weren't recognized even once last year3.
  • Managers giving little or no feedback to their workers fail to engage 98% of them4.

A well executed employee feedback and recognition program requires a strategic approach to ensure it aligns to your organization's goals and culture. It also requires support from all levels of the organization to ensure feedback and recognition becomes a regular activity.

Define your program strategy and make it easy for employees to participate

Your strategy should identify the types of feedback needed to support desired behaviors and actions and the channels by which feedback can be delivered. It should also identify the training required and resources available to help managers deliver feedback and recognition effectively.

Your program can include more formal processes like multirater or third-party feedback to ensure managers regularly provide feedback on their employees' goal progression. It can also include informal channels like a supportive email or well-deserved pat on the back.

No matter what, you need to make it easy for managers and employees to record key accomplishments, awards and recognition about themselves and others while the event and details are still top of mind.

This can be done manually of course, but automating this process can make it a lot easier. And the easier you make the process, the more likely you'll have employees at all levels of the organization participating.

With that said, here's how you can use Halogen Performance™ to provide managers with the tools they need to capture feedback and make it actionable.

Share performance feedback directly from the Halogen Performance home page

Feedback and recognition should be frequent and timely. Using Halogen Feedback Central -a key feature of Halogen Performance -it's a lot easier for your managers to provide "just in time" feedback.

In a few simple clicks from the Halogen Performance home page, managers can select the feedback or recognition type they want to provide from the dropdown menu.

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Feedback types can include journal notes, manager notes, awards, coaching tips, observations, and recognition. You also have the option to configure your own feedback types.

Halogen Feedback Central also supports "HR only" feedback, meaning your HR team can use this feature to track companywide rewards and staff recognition.

You can even configure Halogen Feedback Central to enable peers, other leaders and external constituents to provide feedback and recognition to employees. Feedback is securely stored and consolidated in one central area for both the manager and the employee to review.

The benefit: By capturing feedback and recognition throughout the year evaluators are no longer relying on memory or becoming unintentionally biased by the most recent performance events when evaluating annual performance. As a result, the performance appraisal process becomes more transparent, objective and meaningful.

Add feedback directly from an email in Microsoft Office Outlook

With the click of a button the Microsoft Office Outlook Plug-in for Halogen Feedback Central makes it easy to provide performance feedback for anyone in the organization, from both internal and external contacts.

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The benefit: To foster a feedback rich culture, you need to make it easy for employees to share their feedback and to recognize one another. With this plugin, users can create original feedback and journal notes and even save email as feedback directly in Halogen Performance - all without having to log into the system.

Attaching feedback to an appraisal form in Halogen Performance

Halogen Performance can help managers write more detailed performance appraisals by pulling feedback stored in Halogen Feedback Central directly into a performance appraisal form.

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The benefit: This feature can help provide context for the ratings and comments managers include on the form. It can also be used to support conversations about development and training that may be required to enhance an employee's skills or to address a performance gap.

Using the Comment Helper tool in Halogen Performance

While providing performance feedback is an integral part of all talent management processes, it's not always easy to give, particularly when it's corrective feedback. The Comment Helper feature in Halogen Performance provides a library of comments and coaching tips managers can use to provide more accurate and meaningful feedback to employees.

From the Halogen Performance form, managers can select the Suggested Comments button. This feature is set up to be competency-specific so for example, if a manager was providing feedback on a communication competency, the feature provides all suggested comments that are relevant to communication.

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Managers simply select the category that applies to type of feedback they want to provide, select the employee's gender, the comment level, and finally the nuance scale, whether positive or negative. Managers can then add to or adjust the suggested comment so it's truly personalized to the employee.

The benefit: Gives managers suggestions for wording feedback, which they can adjust or edit, to improve the consistency and often the detail and quality of the feedback they provide, and their employees deserve.

Related: We offer several sample employee performance review comments for a selection of competencies that managers can use to help describe and guide performance. Download them here.

Use feedback to drive performance

Making feedback and recognition an integral part of your organization's culture means that it must be supported by all levels of the organization. Senior leaders must lead by example and help make feedback a regular, ongoing part of your corporate culture.

While your managers will deliver most of the recognition and feedback, communicate to all employees how feedback and recognition should be used to support the goals, competencies and behaviors important to your organization's success. HR's role is to support these key players and monitor the program's success, making adjustments where necessary.

Clearly communicate and reinforce the value of feedback and recognition, ensure all parties are aware of their roles in the process, and provide training to maximize the use of the tools at hand.

If you have tips or questions about developing a feedback and recognition program please leave a comment below. For more about how Halogen Performance can help you foster a feedback culture, click here.


1 The Role of Technology in Employee Recognition, by Stacia Sherman Garr ? Bersin and Assoc ? October 2012
2 The Carrot Principle: How the Best Managers Use Recognition to Engage Their Employees, Retain Talent, and Drive Performance. By Adrian Gostick, Chester Elton, 2009
3 Ibid
4 Gallup Study: Impact of Manager Feedback on Employee Engagement by Leslie Allan October 2010

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Cover of the book

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Build feedback into your everyday, both giving and receiving, with our new ebook.

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