Learn How Organizations 'Get Stuff Done' at Saba Insight 2018

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Learn How Organizations 'Get Stuff Done' at Saba Insight 2018

We're just two months from Saba Software's annual customer conference, Saba Insight, and frankly, we're getting very excited.

We've got all the usual elements of a great conference. Big-name keynote speakers, workshops to build up skills, educational sessions led by amazing thought leaders. All awesome.

But one of our favorite parts of this customer conference is how Saba customers are an integral part of the conference program. Each year, select customers share their talent strategy success stories, valuable tips and lessons learned to help their peers make the most out of the Saba investments.

The aptly named "Get Stuff Done" (GSD) educational track is one example of where these success stories shine. These sessions aren't product tutorials. Instead, what is offered are stories on how our customers leverage the deep capabilities in Saba's solutions to build talent development programs that move the needle on people, team and business success.

Here's a sampling of what you can learn from your fellow talent leaders in the Saba Insight GSD conference track.

Building Personalized Learning Journeys with USA Today

Any interest in increasing learning sessions by 143 percent, users by 112 percent and page views by 349 percent, and decreasing bounce rate by 30 percent compared to on your previous learning platform? Well, getting there was easier than expected thanks to Saba Cloud and the strategy implemented by Craig Lutz, Sr. Manager, Learning and Technology, USA Today Network.

When your workforce is spread across 100+ locations, domestic and abroad, effectively delivering impactful learning experiences can seem like a daunting challenge. That's why it was critical for USA Today to implement a world-class learning solution that would help it achieve our four key business goals:

  1. Provide an asynchronous learning experience to new hires and existing employees
  2. Offer custom learning journeys based on the needs of different sales channels
  3. Improve direct reporting capabilities for both administrators and leadership
  4. Migrate content from multiple systems into one easy-to-use system

Seems like a lot to accomplish. But Craig wants attendees of his session to know that "what seems impossible is just an opinion." He plans to show his audience that building personalized learning is something they're not only capable of, but may also find easy!

"You can implement and manage an enterprise Saba solution quickly and without a lot of resources," Craig explains. "Everything from how to setup and configure learning for highly geographically challenged workforces, to setting up formal and informal learning in one system, we'll cover it all!"

When asked what else Craig was looking forward to about Saba Insight 2018, he said that he was excited to find out how fellow Saba clients are using Saba's new video functionality. "Wins and challenges, learning about what others are doing - I'm interested in learning about this trending functionality." In the same way that he'll be sharing his own wins and challenges with building personalized learning journeys, he's interested in hearing others share what others are doing with this new Saba Cloud feature.

Talent Supply and Demand with DXC Technology

There's nothing more frustrating than realizing you have the right talent and skills within your company, but that they're being underutilized. You may even find yourself hiring contingent workers because you can't see into your company's labor pool; or you might be pulling your hair out because your perfect internal candidate or resource is simply in the wrong location.

Find out how companies like DXC Technology and USA Today are getting stuff done with Saba Cloud
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Skills management is the bread and butter of a services company but as more organizations across all industries move to project-based, cross-functional teams, this focus is becoming increasingly important.

That's the focus of Silviu Nedea's session, Talent Supply and Demand: Saba as the Gold Source for Skills at DXC. When asked what he hoped his audience would take away from the session, Silviu said, "I am hoping that my audience walks away with a better understanding of how they can use Saba to put the right people in the right place at the right time, cost and location."

By teaching attendees how DXC Technology integrates Saba Cloud with its portfolio and project management system, mitigates cost and location challenges, and how to reduce and/or eliminate expensive external hires, Silviu hopes to bring skills management success to fellow Saba Cloud users.

What else is Silviu looking forward to at this year's conference?

"What I am most excited about for this year's edition of Saba Insight is the exchange of creative and innovative idea to maximize the usage of the product."

Will we see you at #SabaInsight18?

You can learn more about how Craig, Silviu and other talent leaders are moving their talent strategies forward by joining them at #SabaInsight18! There's still time to register for this amazing (yes, I'm biased), educational customer conference. Join talent leaders from around the world on September 24-27, 2018 in Scottsdale, Arizona to learn, network and discover innovative strategies for leveraging the combined strength of Saba and Halogen to drive better business performance.

See you in Scottsdale!

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Register For #SabaInsight18

Join us in Scottsdale this September to learn, network and have a great time!

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