Learning Experience is a Strategy, Not a Product

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Learning Experience is a Strategy, Not a Product

Today's learners don't want to be told when and how to learn. With a take-charge mindset, they want to be in the driver's seat of their own learning and development – not a backseat passenger. And yet, despite the huge potential that exists for organizations that deliver the modern learning and development experience employees want, many are falling short.

Traditional learning systems simply aren't set up to empower employees to succeed at learning on their terms. Often clunky, impersonal, hard to navigate, and stuffed with antiquated learning content, these outdated learning environments are at odds with the intuitive experience people expect – and they're certainly not compelling enough to encourage employees to take non-mandatory training.

And learning is only as valuable as the outcomes it delivers, both to the employee and the organization.

When employees have to contend with a poor learning experience, engagement and adoption suffer, resulting in low impact and low ROI. But with the right strategy in place, you can transform the learning experience into something that drives real, tangible results for employees and the business.

Wherever you are on your journey to designing a better learning experience, you won't want to miss this comprehensive new series developed in partnership with Brandon Hall Group. You'll have access to loads of resources filled with the data-backed strategies you need to deliver a user-centric, high-impact learning experience that's personalized, scalable and measurable.

Watch this video to learn more about the expert strategies, tips and tools this series offers:


This webinar is a great starting point for understanding the fundamental elements of a learning experience strategy. Discover how these building blocks can set the stage for more impactful learning design, implementation and measurement across the organization.

The Problem with the Learning Experience Today and How to Fix It
Learn how your organization can create a learning experience strategy that delivers personalized learning at scale while demonstrating measurable results and business impact.


eBooks & assessments

Ready to get started designing your organization's learning experience strategy? These eBooks and assessment tools – based on research-backed insights from the learning analysts at Brandon Hall Group – provide practical, step-by-step guidance on how to design and implement a strategic learning experience based on your organization's current state of learning readiness.

Learning Experience Assessment Tool
Produced in collaboration with Brandon Hall Group, this assessment tool will help assist you in prioritizing how to move to higher levels of learning readiness.


Using the Learning Experience to Drive Business Outcomes
In this eBook, created in partnership with Brandon Hall Group, you'll see how learning leaders need to focus on the business outcomes they hope to achieve through their learning initiatives.


Bonus expert content

Enjoy anytime access to this curated collection of expert articles – packed with tips, tools and real-world examples – so you can learn on your schedule! Get the support and guidance you need to take your organization's learning experience strategy to the next level.

Learning experience expert blog posts

What's Wrong With the Learner Experience?
Companies must stop conflating learner experience with user experience. The biggest stumbling block is the organization's failure to answer one simple question: What's in it for me?


Begin the Learner Experience at the End
When it comes to the learner experience, organizations are getting better at identifying the important elements. But there is one consistently missing from the discussion: measurement.


Conversation with learning experience experts

Want to hear learning experience experts having a conversation about the relationship between learning strategy, content, technology and more? Check out this episode of the HCMx Radio podcast featuring:

  • David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
  • Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group
  • Theresa Domato, Chief Marketing Officer, Saba Software

David, Rachel and Theresa discuss making the learning experience more learner-centric, weaving learning into the flow of work, millennial expectations, and so much more. Listed to the podcast episode below

Reimagine the learning experience

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore new research and gain expert insights on how to transform learning into a rich experience that moves the needle on performance for your people and your business!

Ready to take the next steps? Saba can help you design an engaging learning experience that puts your people in the driver's seat of their own talent journey and delivers deep performance insights that connect people to business success like no one else can.

Learn more

The Problem with the Learning Experience Today and How to Fix It

Discover the elements of learning experiences that engage learners, and boost performance and business impact.

Watch On-Demand
Cover of the book
Cover of the book

The Problem with the Learning Experience Today and How to Fix It

Discover the elements of learning experiences that engage learners, and boost performance and business impact.

Watch On-Demand

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