On Pride in Our Work, and in Our Workplace

by Connie Costigan | Posted | Industry Buzz

On Pride in Our Work, and in Our Workplace

When you ask people at Saba why they love working here, you inevitably hear some key themes emerge in conversation. Since I like odd numbers, I break these themes down into three main buckets.

  1. Our people
  2. This space
  3. Our customers

This is about more than the values on our walls or any conventional corporate speak. These are truly things that get us up in the morning, that make us proud to be here. So much so I was inspired to do a little round up of some recent highlights that demonstrate these themes each and every day.

Our Peeps!

We work with interesting, passionate and super smart people. People with ideas and insights that get recognized in the industry because others can learn from them. Here are just a few highlights from our peers at Saba with links to some interesting industry articles they've written or been included in the past couple of months.

Anita Bowness on Hiring from Within

Anita is our strategic services global practice leader, and to be frank, I could listen to her talk about talent development for hours, and not get bored. The ever-popular TLNT site just ran a great byline from Anita about the value of using internal talent pools to "futureproof" your organization. This is a topic she knows loads about and has done great work on with our clients because building bench strength is a fundamental tenet of effective talent development.

Read "Futureproofing Your Organization by Hiring From Within" on TLNT.com

Hawley Kane shares Goal Management Tips with HR People + Strategy

The importance of goal management isn't a secret here on this blog and it's something that our own organizational development leader, Hawley Kane, is also really passionate about. Hawley recently penned a fantastic article for SHRM's HR People + Strategy network with great practical tips on managing goal-setting in your organization and how to drive ongoing tracking and accountability for goals.

Read "Goal Management That Drives Business Outcomes" in HR People + Strategy

Pete Low Reflects on the CFO-CHRO Relationship

Our CFO, Pete Low, is obviously good with numbers or he wouldn't have gone into accounting. But after knowing him for quite some time, it's clear he breaks conventional "finance leader" stereotypes in many other ways. In fact, one of his latest pieces debunks the traditional assumption that CFOs and CHROs come from very different viewpoints, by taking a big-picture view of how these two C-suite leaders can find common ground and make great things happen when working together.

Read "5 Ways CFOs and CHROs Can Drive Performance Together" on TLNT.com

And Not To Brag...But Our CEO is the Coolest

This one made us smile. We've always known that our CEO, Phil Saunders, was a pretty cool guy, but seeing it in print was impressive. Talent Management Solutions Review recently published their list of the 10 coolest CEOs in talent management, and Phil was featured. Where did he land on the list? Well, we'll let you see for yourself. Being included in this type of list is fun, of course, but it truly speaks to Phil's authentic leadership style and the great team he leads here at Saba. The enthusiasm he has for our people, our customers and our trajectory as a company is contagious.

Read "The 10 Coolest CEOs in Talent Management" in Talent Management Solutions Review, and feel free to connect with Phil on LinkedIn.

This Space!

Having worked in the talent management industry for more than a decade I can tell you sincerely, there's no place I'd rather be. As a vendor in this dynamic market, we get to see the impact of our innovation, our products and our services not just on a select group of users within a company, but quite literally on the day-to-day work of every single employee in an organization. We make a difference in how they learn, how they engage with their managers at work, how they perform and how they grow their careers.

At Saba - whether you're defining requirements, writing code, designing implementation plans or delivering the backbone of how we market, sell and support our solutions - you're using your own talents to create a better experience for people at work every day.

The result of this work gets recognized by industry analysts and other organizations that take the pulse of talent leaders to find out what solutions are meeting their needs. Just in these last few months, Saba was named a Leader and Major Player in IDC's Worldwide MarketScape reports for Integration Talent Management, as well a Leader in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Corporate Learning.

We've received similar recognition from our customers as well. Thanks to reviews and testimonials from our users, Saba placed in the Leaders quadrant of the G2 Crowd Grid® for the Best Corporate LMS Software. And as a testament to our partnerships with our customers, we were proud to be noted as a Market Leader by "Featured Customers", an organization that recognizes customer success excellence.

If you know Saba, you know we don't take that recognition for granted. It keeps us striving to do more, innovate faster, deliver an unmatched experience for our customers. Which leads me to one of the most important reasons of all.

Our Customers!

We work with some of the most innovative and fantastic talent leaders and organizations on the planet! After speaking with so many of them over the years, I've recognized that every organization is on its own journey in connecting talent strategy and programs to business impact. But no matter where they are on this journey with us, their passion about how they can use Saba to help drive change and add value to their companies is unmistakable.

We're super excited to have more than 30 of our clients share their experiences at our upcoming Saba Insight Conference. They'll be covering not only how they use Saba solutions to achieve their talent development goals, but will also be offering a more holistic look at how they mobilize their people and "get stuff done." Our own Melany Gallant recently spoke with DXC Technology and USA Today, two of our customers who will be presenting at Insight, about what they hope to share with fellow Saba users at the conference. You can read all about it in her blog post.

And We Aren't Stopping Anytime Soon

You probably picked up on a whole lot of pride in this post - and for good reason. Our vision, our work with each other, and our collaboration with our customers is something pretty special. We recognize the impact that our team, our products and our services have on the millions and millions of people who use our solutions every day. It's what unites our people, drives our innovation, and helps us strive for talent development excellence internally. We look forward to sharing more about the people inside Saba and the great outcomes we're helping our customers achieve, every day.

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Cover of the book
Cover of the book

Register for #SabaInsight18

Join talent leaders from all over to learn, network and have fun in Scottsdale, AZ, Sept. 24 - 27, 2018.

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