Recruiting and Engaging Candidates in a More Virtual World

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Recruiting and Engaging Candidates in a More Virtual World

It is no doubt that it is an unprecedented and challenging time for organisations. And many have dramatically shifted the way they work, with some organisations now having an entirely remote workforce. In response to the current environment, we wanted to share some learnings from discussions with our customers about their continuity planning to ensure they can still recruit and engage candidates.

Some organisations are adopting video interview practices to continue to fill roles or, in extreme instances, implementing a hiring freeze. To help prepare, we've consolidated a list of adjustments you can make to existing processes to recruit and engage candidates in an ever-changing virtual world.

Organizations are adapting to a new normal. So, what does this mean for recruitment? @sabasoftware shares tips to help you recruit and engage talent in a virtual world.
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Update email templates

Update your email templates to reflect any new policies or restrictions that have been put in place that apply to interview attendance. If candidates have recently traveled or are feeling ill, it's important to communicate your expectations up-front.

Additionally, it's important that new hires are kept engaged and informed before their start date. Email them with any updates or policies ahead of time so they arrive prepared to handle the situation, whether that is in person or remotely.

For example, email campaigns can strengthen your talent pools and communicate with potential talent to keep them engaged and aware. Similarly, use email campaigns to continue to bolster your employer branding. While face-to-face interaction is limited, you can keep your candidates engaged by sharing videos that your teams created. This as an opportunity to promote your company culture, showcase available opportunities, and highlight the benefits of working at your organisation!

Use video interviewing technology to maintain social distancing

Social distancing is a practice that millions of people are undertaking right now. To curb face-to-face interactions, leverage video interviewing. This can be done through your own webinar software or by integrating video interviewing technology from within Saba. The only thing you and your candidates require is a computer, smartphone or tablet with a camera and microphone and an internet connection.

Automate your interview processes

Keeping your candidates informed is important, especially if interviews will be canceled or postponed. Automate your interview process so that you can focus on communicating with your candidates while the work happens in the background:

  • Any CVs screened by HR can be automatically routed to the hiring manager
  • Automate your reference collection process for easy access
  • Engage candidates with CV feedback from managers that triggers automated self-scheduling of interviews
  • Upload your interview notes into your applicant tracking system or maximize the usage of structured feedback forms

When it comes time to sign an offer letter, it is oftentimes an offline practice. With remote working now in place across most of the globe, DocuSign provides a seamless way for documents to be signed by candidates and managers from their computer or phone – with no scanning or uploading required!

Tag the location as "remote" to deepen your candidate pool

If you are hiring more remote workers, then you can add "remote" as the job location or tag so that you can expand your pool of applicants beyond a geographic region.

What's more, you can develop talent pools to identify skills and/or locations that employees would be willing to work in and offer opportunities to transfer those skills across the business to support departments that require additional help.

Take your career fair to the next level – go virtual!

Summer is coming and students will be looking for summer term opportunities. Your career fair plans don't have to suffer! Set up a virtual career fair where you can engage with interested candidates and introduce them to different facets of the business. Once the career fair is over, send a follow-up survey to capture any questions or use QR codes for paperless follow-up.

What is your organization's role in this?

Organisations around the world are grappling with new working conditions while still seeking ways to help their communities. Here are a few ways you can bring candidates and employees together virtually or in spirit:

  • Facilitate volunteer opportunities to invite people to donate to local food banks or provide advice and guidance to businesses that need support
  • Leverage your career site to share opportunities for frontline or essential services
  • Engage with or offer alternative opportunities to people who may be at-risk in their current roles
  • Where applicable, work with local job centres to promote services and opportunities that you offer that could aid or provide support

Recruitment doesn't have to stop, but you may need to adjust your efforts to adapt to the new normal. To learn more about video recruitment, download our starter guide to gain access to six additional tips to support your recruitment practices.

Improving Recruitment with Video

A starter guide and six top tips to improve recruitment with video.

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Cover of the book
Cover of the book

Improving Recruitment with Video

A starter guide and six top tips to improve recruitment with video.

Download Now

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