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Competency management

What is competency management?

Core competencies apply to everyone in your organization while key job competencies identify the abilities required for success and high performance in a particular role.

Competency management ensures employees have a clear framework of skills, knowledge and abilities that they must meet to fulfill their job expectations and contribute to the company's success. This framework makes it easier for HR to recruit new employees, and for those new hires to succeed in their job.

The benefits of competency management

Cultivating organizational and job-specific competencies helps your organization and employees succeed. Core competencies also help define your culture, establish your competitive differentiators, and ensure that your organization has consistent performance standards for employees.

But competencies shouldn't be set in stone. Periodically revisit your list of competencies and definitions to ensure they still reflect your needs and support your strategy. This is especially important if your organization or industry experiences a major shift that impacts the competitive landscape.

Keys for success

Core competencies and job-specific competencies help define what makes an organization competitive and successful. To ensure your competency framework is effectively supporting your organization, check out some of the best-practice resources, and competency evaluation forms and templates in our Competency Management Center of Excellence.





Halogen Software can help you develop, implement and manage competencies so your organization can align and direct your talent management programs - and ultimately build a company that's high performing over the long term.

Every organization wants to be high-performing over the long term. To do that, you need a competency management strategy that is structured yet adaptable. Sound easier said than done? Our whitepapers, eBooks, articles and blogs can help.


Halogen's cloud-based software, services and content can help your organization create a strong competency framework. That framework can be used to assess employee performance and identify, engage and develop high potentials and leaders, so you can achieve the results that matter to your business.

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