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Employee evaluation forms

What makes an effective evaluation form?

The best employee evaluations forms contribute directly to the success of your performance management process. A poorly designed performance appraisal form can frustrate and disengage managers and employees from the process - which defeats the whole purpose.

A well-designed performance appraisal form does exactly the opposite; it simplifies the process for managers and employees, and provides HR and executives with the information they need to make strategic talent decisions.

What makes a performance evaluation form great?

To be effective, evaluation forms for employees must:

  • Include clear information and instructions
  • Guide managers and employees on what they need to provide
  • Flow logically from past performance to development needs, goals and aspirations
  • Illustrate the various levels of competency demonstration

Keys to success

We've collected resources, including how-to articles, forms and templates, case studies and blog posts to help you create simple employee evaluation forms that help executives and HR make strategic decisions about learning and development, goal-setting and succession.





It's no secret that many managers and employees dread the evaluation process. Now you can make the process easier for everyone by designing a performance appraisal form that's clear, simple-to-use and used consistently across your organization. By transforming your forms, managers and employees will become more engaged in the process and derive more value from it.


There's no reason to re-invent the wheel when it comes to employee evaluation forms. Check out our resources below for free templates, sample forms and best-practice tips to help you create and refine your employee evaluation forms.


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