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Frontline Managers: Are They Given the Leadership Tools to Succeed?

A report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

In February 2014, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services surveyed its readers about the role of frontline managers in organizations today. The goal of the survey, sponsored by Halogen Software, was to understand how important frontline managers are to organizational success, to what extent frontline manager effectiveness impacts business performance, and whether frontline managers are given enough support and leadership development to optimally fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Read the revealing findings in this report.

With 610 participants, the topic clearly struck a chord with Harvard Business Review readers. Respondents were a diverse pool of cross-industry, senior-level managers and executives from companies across the globe with more than 100 employees. A full 60 percent came from companies with more than 1,000 employees. Most held titles of executive management, director, senior manager/department head, or manager/supervisor.

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Why is this Report Vital to Your Strategic HR Discussions:

  • Key Statistics on the Increasingly Important Role of Frontline Managers
  • Where and Why Frontline Managers Typically fall behind in Key Business Competencies
  • The 9 Areas where Technology can best fill Frontline Performance Gaps

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