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How to excel at goal management

Keep Employee Goals Aligned, Visible and Top of Mind with Effective Goal Management Practices

Effective goal management incorporates talent development strategies, such as learning and development, coaching for growth and regular feedback as part of employees’ everyday experiences, so they can deliver their best, every day.

Organizations that adopt goal management best practices simply perform better because their employees understand expectations; they work on the right projects, are aligned in helping to achieve organizational goals and are more engaged as a result. These organizations create agile workforces, ready to respond quickly to external and internal changes while remaining aligned.

A more modern approach to goal management gains momentum

Organizations are increasingly replacing annual employee performance goal setting with near-term goal setting. This agile process allows organizations to keep pace in a global economy where innovation and abrupt changes are constantly disrupting industries and the way organizations do business.

In this eBook, you'll gain insights into:

  • The tested goal management strategies high-performing organizations follow
  • How to adopt these strategies in your organization
  • What top companies do with their goal management approach that sets them apart

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