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The Curve: Issue 6

The New Realities of Workplace Learning

It's no secret that industries are being disrupted every day with the advent of new technologies and implementation of new best practices so that organizations can keep up with these new changes. So it’s no wonder that new developments in workplace learning are now expanding to include augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and more. Immersive learning technology is here, and it’s re-shaping the way we learn at work.

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This issue includes:

  • 5 ways to make digital learning more human: Cheryl Clemons of LearnerLab shares techniques for humanizing technology-enabled corporate learning
  • Is your learning culture the real deal?: Peter Williams shares the key ingredients for a strong learning culture at your organization
  • The campaign against bad science: Nick Murphy unpacks the importance of communicating science effectively to non-scientists within learning programs

And much more.

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