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Using the Learning Experience to Drive Business Outcomes

Deliver Results That Matter by Aligning Your Learning Experience with Your Business Objectives

Most L&D leaders dream of creating the ultimate learning experience. An experience that is accessible and engaging, and also leaves their employees feeling empowered and motivated.

However, many leaders miss the mark by focusing too much on the learning experience itself. Instead, aligning your organization's learning experience with your overall performance goals and business objectives delivers better results in the long run.

So what's the best way to deliver learning that drives results? Work backward from your desired business outcomes.

Create a Goal-Driven Learning Experience

Starting with your business objectives will allow you to create a goal-driven learning experience that engages learners, drives results and demonstrates the impact of the learning experience on individual, team and company performance.

In this eBook, created in partnership with learning analysts from Brandon Hall Group, you'll see how learning leaders need to take a step back from the chase for the best learning experience and instead, focus on the business outcomes they hope to achieve through their learning initiatives.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Learning and Performance Convergence Model
  • 4 steps for developing a learning experience aligned to business objectives
  • Elements of a modern learning environment, including mobile, video, coaching and informal learning
  • How to use technology to demonstrate that the learning experience is aligned with business objectives and delivering results that matter

In order to realize the benefits of a learning investment, you need to have a strong understanding of business objectives and then be able to align learning to those objectives. Download this eBook today to see how learning leaders can connect the various pieces that make up the learning journey to support employee development, fill skills gaps and achieve corporate objectives.

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