Resources Webinars 4 Strategies for Aligning Your Talent and Business Plans


4 Strategies for Aligning Your Talent and Business Plans

Can you feel it in air? There's no doubt about it, HR is in the midst of a major transformation. And key to this transformation is a much closer alignment between the strategy of the human resource department with those of business development.

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Join us to learn four ways to align your talent strategy with the business strategy, and how technology can help. In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • The critical role of congruent goal setting;
  • When to buy, build or borrow talent;
  • Why internal communications can't play second fiddle to external; and
  • How the learning-focused company comes out on top.

About Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn Lauby is the HR Bartender, whose blog is a friendly place to discuss workplace issues. HR Bartender has been recognized as one of the Top 5 Blogs Read by HR professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). When she's not tending bar, Sharlyn is president of ITM Group, Inc., which specializes in training solutions to help clients retain and engage talent. Halogen enjoys when Sharlyn shares her thoughts about HR trends and best practices that impact employee engagement and performance on the TalentSpace blog or in live webinars. She recently published her first book, "Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers," which is available on Amazon. And her personal goal in life is to find the best cheeseburger on the planet.

About Julie Harrison

As a Product Marketing Manager at Halogen, Julie is responsible for messaging, launch requirements, and sales enablement for a number of Halogen TalentSpace solutions and products, including Learning & Development, Succession & Leadership, and Compensation. Prior to joining Halogen, Julie spent 20 years in a broad spectrum of communications roles, with a strong focus on internal communications and organizational change management. She is a Prosci-certified change management practitioner and holds a master's degree from Carleton University. Julie starts her days with caffeine and ends them with travel dreams.

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