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Performance Conversations (for real): in Just 10 Minutes a Month

Presenter: Jamie Resker and Connie Costigan

Managers everywhere are responsible for giving timely performance feedback to employees. So when do these feedback conversations occur? Well we all know they should happen all the time. But when do they actually happen? Oh...usually at the annual performance review (or not at all).

It's time to face up to the fact that managers are not having regular performance feedback conversations. But isn't no news good news? No. It's not. HR people everywhere must acknowledge that telling managers to give timely feedback won't actually make it so.

Watch this interactive, practical webcast and learn 3 simple and proven steps that will have everyone engaged in giving and receiving ongoing performance feedback.

Step 1: Admit and acknowledge the problem. In the case of performance feedback these conversations aren't happening and they never will. Employees must stop abdicating the responsibility for performance feedback.

Step 2: Show employees three simple ways to self-gather performance feedback versus waiting for the manager to provide it (cause' that's not going to happen).

Step 3: Use the Ten Minute Conversation forum to really get managers and employees to have regular conversations about performance. Quick preview: Our findings tell us that short (10 minute) performance conversations should take place about once monthly. Why monthly? Most people (employees and managers) can only freshly remember about one month's worth of performance. The ten-minute conversation really is just ten minutes and provides the opportunity to have a good adult-to-adult conversation about performance. And yes, it really is just ten minutes.

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