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Talent management: How to make your metrics matter

Presenter: Cathy Missildine and Wendy Lowe

Whether data about your company's talent is stored in filing cabinets, in spreadsheets or in an automated talent management system, determining which talent metrics are most important to your business is not always that straightforward.

For the many who have taken the step of centralizing their talent management processes and information online, the task of accessing the data is much easier. But even with ready access to metrics, it's important to determine which ones you and your business care about.

Watch this webcast with human capital thought leader Cathy Missildine to learn how you can put talent management metrics in a context that can help drive greater business decision-making and organizational success.

Cathy will also share:

  • A framework to determine which talent management metrics should be included in your overall human capital measurement
  • Which metrics are most important to your C-suite and can be tied to your strategic objectives
  • The importance of company-wide buy-in so that the data and process is relevant and meaningful

Also joining Cathy, will be Wendy Lowe, Segment Marketing Manager, Halogen Software. Wendy will talk about how Halogen solutions can help automate and centralize your talent management processes and better manage your metrics.

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