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The Power of Affective Context in Corporate Learning

How to Improve Learner Retention Through Emotional Context

Context affects how people remember learning experiences and how those experiences and information are reconstructed in their memory. We don't remember information and events as they are presented to us; we remember how those things make us feel.

It's this affective context - rather than the content itself - that has the greatest impact on learning retention. By focusing on resources rather than courses and attaching an emotional context to learning content, L&D leaders can improve learner engagement, boost knowledge retention, and improve learning outcomes.

Lumesse Learning Lounge - The Banana Talk

"I'm going to tell a story. A story which may change the way you see the world forever. Or you may just remember a banana. There's only one way to find out which."

In this fascinating presentation on how people learn, "The Banana Talk," author and learning expert Nick Shackleton-Jones shares why affective learning context matters - and how you can implement it in your L&D content strategy.

Watch this on-demand presentation now to learn more about the power of affective context in learning design!

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